Manjaro recovery in boot up after a blackout or a force turn off! Is it a normal thing?

I just had a power blackout today and after i powered on again the computer it showed a recovery command in the boot up period!!!
I just want to know if it is something normal!!! You know if it is just a feature of the manjaro os!!!
My problem is not with the power blackout!!! It happens to everyone!!! :wink:
Im just trying to learn the operating system as better as i can with your help!!! I dont think it was something abnormal either!!!
Sorry for my annoying question!!!

Data loss or corruption can occur with any electronic device during an unexpected shutdown–especially if there’s a power surge.

Please stop that. We can read your post just fine without the triple exclamation points.


Do you have to put 3 exclamation marks after every sentence?

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Ok im sorry for that. Its just a habit.

You make it a habit to shout at everyone? :roll_eyes:

Nothing wrong with that and we’re happy to help. However, nothing in your post is remotely related to what OS you have installed.

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