Manjaro-recommended way to enable "ll" system-wide?

ll works on Ubuntu by default, but not in Manjaro (Gnome/Zsh). At first I added the alias in ~/.zshrc, but I found this annoying when using another account such as sudo. So, after searching the Web, I created /etc/zshrc and added the alias there, but it seems that I must run source /etc/zshrc every time I log in.

  1. Is /etc/zshrc the recommended way for Manjaro to enable ll system-wide?
  2. If so, how can I make it always work without manually running source /etc/zshrc?

ll is an alias

alias ll='ls -lAFh'

There is no recommended method - it depends if you need it.

If you set it in /etc/skel/.bashrc it will be included automagically when you add a new user

You can also add a file /etc/profile.d which creates the alias e.g.

echo "alias ll='ls -lAFh'" | sudo tee -i /etc/profile.d/

Then it will be available for any user on the system without further intervention

Here are a few from my config:

l='ls -lah'
la='ls -lAh'
ll='ls -lh'
ls='ls --color=tty'
lsa='ls -lah'

Enable like this:

alias l='ls -lah'