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The realtime patch for linux416 was released on May 3.
Like this we now again have a newer rt-kernel than the latest LTS available, meaning we will now offer two different realtime-kernels again:
linux416-rt is the new linux-rt-manjaro, while
linux414-rt will remain linux-rt-lts-manjaro.

The config currently used for linux416-rt is here.
Feel free to suggest any rt-specific adjustments. We can discuss them here.
The rest of the config follows Manjaro mainline kernel 416.

With linux416 basekernel I was now able to apply our aufs4/tmpfs/vfs patches, too, which linux414-rt and the earlier ones didn’t like.
Also I was able to compile almost all of our usual extramodules (except ndiswrapper and rt3562sta).

I don’t have any real-life test scenarios for the rt-kernels myself, so I am always happy for your feedback if you do! :wink:

[ The new linux416-rt-4.16.7_rt1-2 aswell as the updated LTS-kernel linux414-rt-4.14.39_rt29-1 are currently on our testing branch. ]

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this fixed the bluetooth bug?? thanks


Uhm. I have no idea… Which bluetooth bug exactly? :wink:


this one my friend. [Atheros AR3012] Bluetooth: hci0: don't support firmware rome 0x31010000

The bluetooth stop working after kernel minor update.


I see.
We have this patch in our mainline linux416 kernel and I have inherited it for the 416-rt:

I don’t know the story behind this… why or what exactly we are reverting here @philm ?
In any case I don’t have the right hardware to test but maybe you would like to find out for us if your issue has been fixed?


so in order to try i can install the RT 4.16 Kernel?


Yes. That’s what I meant. It currently on the testing branch.
Does you bluetooth work with regular Manjaro linux416 kernel?


nope my friend. Bluetooth does not work with current 4.14.36-1 / 4.16.4-1 not even with current 4.9.96-1 or 4.4.129-1. BUT it works flawless with 4.1.51-1 which i am using right now. and the Bluetooth hardware is:
Bus 002 Device 008: ID 0cf3:3004 Qualcomm Atheros Communications AR3012 Bluetooth 4.0
extracted from lsusb command. :smile:


@FabricioLujano It seems that is fixed with recent updates. It is working for me now on LTS (4.9.98 - 1 and 4.14.39 - 1 both are in testing)and was working for me on linux416 4.16.6-2. Please find some discussion here


currently installing kernel 4.16.7-1 to check if it is solved for me. Gonna tell you after the reboot :smile: thanks to all of you guys. Amazing Community behind an amazing OS


PERFECT! just perfect. i can confirm it is fixed now. Just installed the current 4.16.7-1 kernel and it works flawless. THANKS A LOT GUYS


:fireworks: :champagne:

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