Manjaro Phone Running Android Apps (APK)

Will the Manjaro Phone on Plasma Mobile run Android Apps on APK files?

No, not natively, but you can take a look at waydroid.

If you follow these steps, you should have Waydroid working fine.

Remember, Waydroid only works on wayland!

  • Install waydroid-image and all it’s dependencies.
  • Run pkexec setup-waydroid.
    You should now be able to launch Waydroid. The first launch takes a while.


new to this hope im not intruding. IM trying to install graphene OS to a Pixel phone using Arch Linux. Ive downloaded Android.apk and unzipped. I believe i need -Udev for the phone to be recognised.
Does Android.apk contain -Udev ?
once Android.apk is unzipped does it need to be installed somehow ?
Any help appreciated.


I think you are misunderstanding what’s what.

Android is not an apk file. Android is an operating system for phones.
Apps you can install on android come in .apk files. These can also be installed in Waydroid.
Waydroid is an application, that emulates the whole Android system, so it’s possible to run Android apps on Linux.