Manjaro Pahvo BTRFS Grub Snapshots and Grub Error

Hello everyone,

I think I spent enough time researching this. If not please, provide links so I can educate myself.
I recently installed Manjaro Pahvo with BTRFS on a dedicated SSD.
It’s running great so far.

I noticed every time I boot it shows grub menu (which I think is weird since I was expecting systemd as per default). It shows the grub menu and then gives me an error: “cannot mount root and kernel file system”. But it then continues booting just fine. Also I noticed that timeshift is doing it’s snaptshot thing every time I run pacmany -Syu and the snapshots even appear in grub menu out of the box (big yay on this). I can’t boot into these snapshots. When I choose a snapshot and a Kernel the emergency shell pops up telling me I’m on my own. I can’t find this error message in journalctl so I guess the problem is, that grub is not set up correctly.

So I think this is all connected and caused by the problem that I have both systemd-boot and grub installed for some reason (I’d like to have an option for this in calamares). Now they’re conflicting. Obviously I want to use the snapshot feature in grub so I should get rid of systemd-boot. I expect to break my system if I simply uninstall systemd-boot since grub is not able to mount root and kernel file system.

Can anyone educate me on this please?

Emergency shell dropped following message.

Mount: /new_root: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock, on /dev/sdc2, missing codepage, or helper program, or other error

Problem solved itself after installing a newer kernel version. I was running vmlinuz-5.4-x86_64.
Since I installed vmlinuz-5.10-x86_64 I can boot just fine into snapshots.

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