Manjaro packages file format or why software hasn't prebuilds for Manjaro

Hi, there!
Debian, Ubuntu using .deb packages.
Fedora, Red Hat, SUSE using .rpm.
What the package is using in Manjaro?
Can I get the package file like .deb or .rpm to installing the application or givethe package file to someone to install it?
Thanks in advance!


Manjaro is based on Arch, so it will be .pkg.tar.zst, or just .pkg packages.

To download a package without installing, use sudo pacman -Sw [Package].
To install a downloaded package, use sudo pacman -U [package].

Normally on Arch based distros, you wouldn’t need to download a package from the internet as almost every imaginable Linux software are available via the AUR, or Arch User Repository.

To access it, open pamac (Add/Remove software), then got to preferences then select the tab titled AUR, and activate the AUR!
For terminal access, you can install yay, sudo pacman -S yay, then to use yay, it is the same as pacman but you do not add sudo before!

Here are some basic commands to utilize yay:
→ yay -S [package] #To install a package from the repos
→ yay -R [package] #To remove a package
→ yay -Ss [package] #To search a package

Keep in mind to proceed with caution when installing packages from the AUR, as it is the latest and greatest, so stability is barely considerable.

Manjaro has its own repositories, where softwares are tested for up to 3 weeks before released into the stable branch of Manjaro.

I hope that helped, have a wonderful day! :smile:


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