is down

I am still facing issues , but not gonna lie some time ago it did get restored but same issue still going from last 20 minutes

Things seem to have returned to normal for the most part as of this morning.

Can access and the network manager no longer states “limited connectivity”… but I noticed one of my “classic forum” tabs in my browser no longer loads… … nor it’s homepage

Has the classic forum been dropped, or is that a part of the update/upgrade that is still in progress?

Status of Services - What does this mean in [Downtime]; by @philm ?


It means the old classic forum is dead and gone:

This is the first time I realized there was such a limited method for determining if you have internet connectivity. It really threw me off and I wasted a lot of time troubleshooting a virtual machine (to run Manjaro for testing certain scenarios) because I thought I misconfigured my network settings.

There should be multiple URLs to check for internet connectivity, and a further fallback IP address, such as to see if it’s only DNS-related.

Is this upstream KDE or NetworkManager?


It’s NetworkManager that does the connectivity check, not KDE Plasma as I initially thought. As you can see, the issue has affected other people in the forum too and I assume they run other DEs in addition to Plasma. NetworkManager started as a Gnome project after all…

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I had the same problem tomorrow and today, i was thinking it was dns resolvers the culprit
but other sites works.
(Manjaro cinnamon with firefox)

It shouldn’t be ?

I found an older thread here that outlines there are 2 places the config could be. I found mine under /usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/20-connectivity.conf

I have tried just commenting out all settings to see if It can just be ignored as I am on a Desktop at home with ethernet not wifi.

I think it would be great to move this to something like a Cloudflare page with a worker to set the required headers. that way we can use the always online feature to ensure even when the website has work to do it won’t cause this issue.

No, the classic forum was the older iteration before what is now the archived forum.

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