down, i cant install iso, where is server status?

It says it all in the title really. I have searched but all i can find is a post from a year ago?

I was trying to take a first look at BTRFS last night but it refused to let me install from live usb, and its still the same this morning. I can only assume its to do with being down, but whats the status of this?

Who or what is “it”?
manjaro dot org isn’t down at the moment

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The installer runs entirely off of the USB (or optical drive), so how could that have anything to do with being down — which it isn’t?

Better bookmark this useful site in your browser, for future reference.

An interdimensional entity of some sorts. :wink:

hmm, typical. As soon as I post it’s back up. I did try with and it was definitely down.

The iso installation is a minimal and it just got stuck spinning saying something like “getting 1 required module” or something like that.

It was redirecting (after a long wait) to this page Manjaro Linux download |

O well, glad it back now.

Im kicking myself, i have zero evidence, no screen shots or anything, but it was down all last night.

You can use the Applications / Manjaro Get Iso · GitLab script as it does not rely on the manjaro web to provide the downloads locations.

ok, i posted just a minute to soon but all looks fine now, so lets just go with that. Cheers chaps :slight_smile:

there was some issue and I restarted the server.

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O right, so what duration did the logs show that it was down for?
Just so i can save my sanity :stuck_out_tongue:

How precise this is, I have no idea - GitHub - manjaro-contrib/upptime: uptime monitoring for manjaro

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Hayhay, im not going quite so mad after all

Great stuff i shall bookmark it.

Many thx.

P.S. A minimal install does come up an error when manjaro dot org is down doesn’t it?

Not that I am aware of - the install can be done complete offline - for as far as I know - but I don’t know all - I am only pretending :man_shrugging:

It can still be installed, you can go past the error but it hangs for a few mins trying to get something and then it says something like “a critical module can not be found, this may cause problems if you continue with the installation”

This an extreme paraphrase but you get the idea.

you get about 3 or 4 mins of this

then this

So it really does not like being offline and i was not prepared to continue as i did not know how serious it was.

This is not a requirement

  • if you are online
  • your locale is preselected by using a geoip location service

It is the same with a laptop running on battery.

  • If you know the battery has juice - you can ignore the message
  • If you don’t want or cannot connect to a network - you can ignore the message

I wonder.
If you mean it hangs for a bit and produces warnings when (or parts of) is down.
Is this related to something like



I didn’t like the statement:

“This computer does not satisfy some of the recommended requirements for installing Manjaro 24.0.” “Some features may be disabled”.

If you dont know then you dont know.

Okay - then don’t :man_shrugging:

If your system appears to be without a harddisk - that is requirement not met.

That may happen when your disk is on some exotic raid conttoller or a disk mode unstupported - some Intel VHD and some Intel firmware technology may cause a disk not recognized.

And that is a requirement not met - a serious one that is


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