Manjaro on Vmware Workstation 16 performing worse than Virtualbox

I recently booted a Manjaro liveCD on Virtualbox set to Core Count:4 and Ram: 4GB.
I also set Paravirtualization = KVM.

I was astonished as it performed almost running like It’s running natively instead of VM in my Ryzen 3 (2200G) which is an entry-level CPU.

But we all know that Vmware Workstation has superior performance than Virtualbox. So, I gave it a try on Vmware with same 4cores + 4GB ram for VM.

Surprisingly, Vmware performed very slow. It lagged a lot.

In Virtualbox, I found an option called Paravirtualization and I set it to “KVM”. However, I didn’t see any option im Vmware to set Paravirtualization.

Is this the reason why Vmware is performing significantly slower than Virtualbox while we all know that Vmware should work much faster than Virtualbox?

Or did I miss something?

That is a myth. :face_with_monocle:

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