Manjaro on natively encrypted ZFS-root or even without encryption

Thanks first for the great job you make with this distribution. This a wonderful distribution to approach the “KISS” philosophy, thanks again.

Well, I’m not a programmer but “playing” with Linux (*.deb) since 10 years or more and think (sometime) about the future.

I think ZFS and his rich features could be the future and ZFS + KISS, I think this is unbeatable.

I imagine under the partition option of installation-media an experts menu-point where can be decided to choose ZFS with or without encryption.

I installed *buntu on real machine with encrypted ZFS, *buntu do it through a python.script located under “ubiquity” and maybe can I help, if so contact me.

If you want to contribute to the zfs support in calamares, the issue is here

Manjaro-architect already has a rudimentary zfs support, pull requests are welcome there too if you have any good ideas.

I have also a github account and already contacted the people there. No new posts since last Jun.
Anyway, I understood that ZFS don’t like /swapfile, Grub need special “adjustments” and arch-linux-users complain about “to much memory usage”.

On my side I don’t either know exactly the structure of ZFS e.g.:

  • hardware, ZFS, GPT, formatting
    or other way around and nobody has this explained, looking on Ubuntu-ZFS through gparted all I could see was the EFI with FAT32 and root in ext4.

The former approach for installing and configuring OS on ZFS, manipulating scripts in the best case or everything over command line in the worst case and afterward writing configurations-files for snapshot and everything else will not works with Manjaro users and don’t works either with other distry-users too cause of/that means everyone must become ZFS-expert. If we continue follow this way under Linux… as soon one user acquires the necessary expertise will install FreeBSD (or similar).

We have to supply a GUI that permits choose the options not only during the installation (expert installation) but even in the OS like FreeNAS do.
If Grub didn’t perform well use rEFInd or other loader if possible or easier to manage.