Manjaro on a convertible PC/Tablet


I installed Debian 11 XFCE on my Acer Travelmate Spin B118- RN Convertible 256 GB 11,6 Zoll.

Debian 11 doesn’t work well on my convertible.
If I want to change from PC Mode to a tablet mode by turning the screen , there is no question comming up if I want to use the laptop as a tablet. (originally there was Windows 10 on it and if I turned the screen around to use it as a tablet it came up immeadiately. By pressing the button to confirm it, Windows changed the settings and I could use it as a tablet.)
An automatic change of the laptop, If I rotate it, doesn’ t work either. In Windows it did work if I remember well.

A Debian Expert said that he uses XFCE, because Gnome and KDE don’t work so well with a convertible on his laptop with Debian installed, and he made a script to change the screen rotation, if he wants to use his laptop as a tablet instead of auto change like a mobile does.

I installed this script on my convertible and it works. It changes the screen rotation by 90 degrees. 4 times change, and I come back to the normal PC mode.

Additionally there are problems with using the mouse and my finger on the screen. It seems to me, that after changing the rotation of the screen the other modes don’t change. The mouse and using my finger on the screen behaves like I was in the original state before changing the screen 90 degrees.

My question is now, if I install Manjaro (e.g. with KDE), would there be a better support for my convertible? Because Manjaro uses newer software than Debian.
If so, I would need help to know which software I should install additionally.

Would it be a good idea to install besides Debian 11 Manjaro as a second Linux Distro and try if Manjaro works better on my convertible? Probably I would need to install some programmes, which I don’t know yet.

I am new at manjaro since 1 weak, because I installed Manjaro instead of Debian 10 on an other laptop.
That’s why I haven’t any experience with Manjaro.


Gnome works well with convertible laptop. But KDE is more configurable and has more options than Gnome. If you want a better support for the convertible, it is necessary to have the last linux desktop (Gnome, KDE) and the last kernels. Wayland support is better with Gnome 40/41 and KDE 5.23.x. As Manjaro uses new software, kernels, Linux desktops, for me, it is the better choice for a convertible laptop. I was on Gnome but now I will switch to KDE because it has more options. For now, I’m waiting that KDE 5.23.x will be available in the stable branch to install it on my convertible laptop.

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