Manjaro offers desktop as a service through partner Shells

Los Angeles/Munich - 2021-04-06

The world has so many devices which are good for Internet browsing, but may lack the security and regular operating system updates. By transferring your desktop into the cloud, you get the latest software and updates on the device you want to use. So we looked for a partner to provide the Manjaro experience optimized as a service via cloud computing.

Today, we are happy to announce our partnership with, a virtual machine pioneer based in the U.S. Shells, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, is a desktop as a service (DaaS) provider focused on closing the digital divide by providing a simplified solution for developers, schools, small businesses, and the masses. With the ability to set up their machines in less than five minutes with the operating system of their choice, as well as servers strategically placed around the world, the company ensures customers have a seamless virtual desktop experience.

Together we bring the future of computing to everyone. Using an internet-based method to turn idle screens - smart TVs, tablets, older or low-spec laptops, smartphones, and more - into fully functional computers, the Shells service facilitates learning, working, and creating from anywhere.

Linux operating systems have always been well-known to the tech savvy, but remain relatively unknown to the general public with a desktop operating system market share of only around 2%.

“We hope that Shells can help lower the barrier of entry for the new user to try a Linux operating system with our easy-to-use product. Although Linux operating systems may already be widely used in many industries and enterprises, the adoption of Linux for personal use is not as widespread. We hope to open doors to new users with Shells so they can see the power and benefits that Linux brings to computing. We have enjoyed working closely with Manjaro as we have similar aspirations and look forward to giving current and future Manjaro users the ability to take their desktop with them on any device,” said Shells CEO Alex Lee.

Check out the special offers and get your personal cloud computer for low as 3,30 USD for a limited time only!


Now that’s darn cool, hopefully getting kids acquainted with Linux for the desktop before the equivocation of “Windows = PC” is engraved into their minds. :v:

I wonder, which deskop environment will Shells default to when proposing Manjaro as an OS selection?

Call me a KDE fanboy, but outside of that I do believe KDE Plasma looks and behaves the closest to a familiar out-of-the-box “Windows 7/10 experience”. :wink:


I get it, but kids nowadays are most used to phones/tablets rather than computers.
On mobile devices, Gnome is where it could really shine.


philm can you add informations about clouds country :

  • is it on US country or it can be on European country ( digital act & RPGD )

I believe they offer US, Amsterdam and Japan locations.

Below is what they say on they privacy policy page :

“The processing of personal information, such as the e-mail address or payment information of a data subject shall always be in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and in accordance with the country-specific data protection regulations applicable to E Shells, Inc…”

(XFCE power)

Not for me, but nice to know!.. :slight_smile: Congrats to the new project!.. Meanwhile; with a server on Amsterdam they’ll likely to comply with the EU regulations. Have a nice day!..

Currently we have some locations in US, one in Japan and one in the EU (Amsterdam). As we grow new locations will be added. All Servers are owned by Shells Inc and they are in accordance with the country-specific data protection regulations. Also full disk encryption is already on the roadmap to come.

With this new service we try to get shells into schools, offices and anywhere else supporting a internet connection. Some even use it in their Teslas :smile:

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Manjaro is really going places! Congratulations to the Manjaro team.

It’s an interesting option, but I think I’ll stick with my desktop PC from Digital Storm, it’s a much more cost effective way to run Manjaro. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Coming soon: “Houston Muskton, we have a problem” :rofl:
Just kidding :wink:

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I got the promo for 3 months. So far, my kid wants to subscribe for the unlimited time. fast and easy to use and one of the cheapest I ever encountered.