Manjaro not installed on vm

Hey guys I am not able to install manjaro on a VM. If I am right once the installation is complete the install manjaro option should not appear on the desktop right? I saw this in a lot a youtube videos and the install option should not show on the desktop. But till now I have tried 5 times but still the install option is there on the desktop. And the password is also not working which I gave during installation. It is giving authentication failure. Am I doing something wrong ? I have attached the screen shot for the reference.

Have you removed the boot ISO from the VM? It seems the machine boots into the installer again instead of the local drive.

No i just did the plain installation. I have other isoes also in the vm like pop os and ununtu and I just did the same installation for manjaro too. But I am landing into this trouble I dont know why

If you pay attention, after installing an Ubuntu based distro, Virtualbox removes itself the iso from the virtual DVD before rebooting. Hence you boot in your installed system.

If you reboot an installed Manjaro whilst keeping the iso, you’ll boot again in the install process.

And while you’re back - again - into the Live CD environment, the root password is manjaro.

So how do i solve this can u plz explain

You unmount your iso from your Manjaro VM and you boot on it.

You mean remove iso from vbox storage option and reboot the manjaro

Yeah, you don’t need anymore the iso after you have completed the install. After reboot it will boot from your newly installed VM.

Before you were constantly booting from the iso.

Ok I am trying this right now

Yep this solved it

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