Manjaro not going to sleep sometimes

I have been running Manjaro as my main OS for about 14 days now and enjoy the experience a lot. I have a Thinkpad P50 which comes with a Nvidia Quadro M1000M GPU. I’m on the 5.9 kernel and installed the proprietary drivers. Everything works just fine and I’ve really been enjoying using a Linux distro as my main OS. The only issue is the laptop sometimes doesn’t go to sleep when I put it to sleep. It goes into the login screen and I can log in if I want. If I do, I can use it for a couple of seconds, then the everything just freezes, a black screen appears with only the mouse pointer. I’ve actually waited a few minutes to see if it will eventually go to sleep but it doesn’t. My only solution at this point is to force a manual reboot (by holding down the power button). This happens about once every two days and would really be happy if I can know what’s causing it and hopefully solve the issue. I’m ready to provide logs in case someone is willing to help resolve this issue.

For additional information: I’m using chrome instead of firefox, if that matters. Also, I have no fancy software installed.

Are you talking about suspend to ram or suspend to disk (hibernate)? In second case please post:

cat /etc/default/grub
cat /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
cat /etc/fstab
sudo parted -l
sudo blkid

Use 3 backticks ` in a single line at the begin and end of the code output to format it nice.

Thanks for your reply. I actually meant suspend to ram. Do I still post the output of the commands you suggested or those are for a different case (hibernate)?

No, then not needed. Have a look into your log files.

Also nice to read:

Here’s a full output from the time I initiated a sleep command to the time I forced the system to shut down by holding the power button.

I ended up getting rid of Manjaro and installed Pop OS and the issue seems to be non existent on Pop OS.