Manjaro not booting after latest update

Hey, I have recently upgraded my system and when rebooting it, i am just dropped of in the Dell screen of my laptop.

I have tried chrooting into the OS and reinstalling grub, but it didn’t help. Does someone have an idea what could cause this?

Impossible to say - usually it is related to the gpu configuration - but besides the fact you have provided a photo of the Dell logo - there is nothing else.

Therefore I only have generic information for you to consume

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Thanks, i followed the first point of the comment you linked and I noticed that there was an error with the icu library. Before the update I set pacman to ignore the icu package since it was causing errors which prevented me from updating and I thought it was some app I don’t use and thus i can exclude it from the update (as i did before with other apps). I suppose it is important though.

I removed it from the IgnorePkg line but installing it fails now since my pacman doesn’t work bc. it can not load the libicuuc library

I found a reddit post dealing with that exact issue: I’ll try to follow that now

I suggest you learn how to maintain an arch based distro properly. Like updating it for example. Replacing system files like in the reddit thread will just lead to bigger problems. And you just admitted you have ignored packages, so you are officially in a partial update state.
And by the way - there are forum tutorials how to ask properly and provide system information that is relevant (like the fact that you broke your system on purpose adding stuff to the ignore list).

So start with updating - sudo pacman -Syu

p.s. i will put it bluntly: manjaro is not the right distro for you. Since you lack the basic understanding how a rolling release works and you are trying to fix errors with making a bigger mess instead of trying to understand why they happened in the first place.
Also, this forum is probably not the right place to be - since you lack basic understanding somebody has to explain everything to you from A and B, which will be basically copying a lot of tutorials and wiki here and honestly i do not know who will sacrifice hours of his free time.
If you reeeeally want help here - start with the tutorial section and provide system info.

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Yeah I don’t think so, I have now fixed the issue. I just needed quick access to an update and there was a similar issue I had in the past where an app that I didn’t use caused these update problems so I was able to ignore it, run the update, access the app i needed properly and then fix the update issue with the other app afterwards.

I thought that the situation would be similar this time, but I made a mistake by not looking up what I was ignoring for the update so I got this issue.

I managed to live boot into another manjaro distro, download the missing package and install it manually and then run the pacman update to properly get my system up to date.