Manjaro not booting after adding additional luks key

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m new to Manjaro and have a question about encrypted install.

I installed Manjaro Gnome 20.1 on a new Dell Precision 5550 Laptop. I used the free driver setting when booting from the usb stick, then used the Installer and selected Erase Disk with no Swap and enabled Encrypt System.
Installation went without any problems, I could use the passphrase I selected when I powered on my laptop and manjaro would start up.

Afterwards, I tried adding a second passphrase to luks to function as a recovery key.
I first checked

cryptsetup luksDump /dev/<device>

and saw that the first two key slots were occupied. Then I used

cryptsetup luksAddKey /dev/<device> -S 3

and successfully added another passphrase.

When I boot the laptop now, I can use either passphrase to decrypt, but I only get a black screen afterwards, manjaro is not booting anymore.

Any idea why that would be the case? How can I correctly add a second passphrase for decryption if I select the Encrypt System option during installation?

Or is a manual setup for the encryption required? I don’t care if the boot partition is encrypted or how long the startup time is, I only need the data itself to be encrypted and to generate a recovery key.

Thanks a lot for the help!

Hello :slight_smile:

Did you specify the keyfile?