Manjaro Mirror decomission -

Dear Mods, can you please move this to the correct location? I don’t have access to post under Dev/Other

I just wanted to let everyone in the community know I will be decommissioning my mirror as due to life changes I can no longer maintain the project.

I will be turning off the mirror in about two weeks, so the 3rd of May (ish, maybe a little later)
I have a lot of fun running this project and contributing to the community. If I work out a way for me to bring the project back I will be happy to do so.

I have raised an issue on Gitlab to let the dev’s know.

Thanks to everyone that helped me out with testing or let me know when things weren’t quite right.


Thank you for hosting one of the Australian mirrors. When we didn’t have any.

Just wished that AARNet (Australian Academic and Research Network) kept there one up-to date.

A fellow Aussie…



Another Aussie

missing you already.