Manjaro Mate RPI3 VLC


I have installed Manjaro and VLC for playing.

But the play is not good.

Manjaro is made for RPI3 ?

It seems the RPI3 is not enough powerfull for playing with VLC.

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With out HW decoding within a DE playing videos can be problematic on the pi3 with a 64bit OS. Using kodi-rpi outside of a DE should be able to play h264/265 streams with HW decoding if they are not too stout.

sudo pacman -S kodi-rpi-git kodi-rpi-dev kodi-rpi-eventclients kodi-rpi-tools-texturepacker

Make some changes in /boot/config.txt:

Add some memory to this line:

Uncomment this line to look like this:

Reboot the pi3 and at the login screen switch to a TTY and login with CTRL-ALT F2
After you log in in the terminal run kodi-standalone

When done with kodi exit out then do a CTRL-ALT F7 to get back to the Graphical login screen.

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