Manjaro MacOS BigSpur look-alike missing Desktop Effects

Hey there,
i tried to follow this tutorial ( ) to get a macos bigspur look alike manjaro. sadly i couldn’t find every desktop effect which the video creator showed in his video.

For example he is showing the “Wobbly Windows”, “Magic Lamp” and so on which i can’t find.


Do you guys can tell me any solutions?

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What ISO did you use for installing? On my system, both of the effects you mention here are (and have always been) installed, but if you installed from one of the minimal ISOs, then those effects might not be included — I don’t really know, which is why I’m asking.

As I recall those are kwin defaults.

In any case - please use the latest ISO from Manjaro Downloads

Other options include


I have a minimal installation here:

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I downloaded the Plasma Desktop Full Image from Manjaro Downloads ( manjaro-kde-23.1.0-231215-linux66.iso ).

In that case, those effects should be available. What kind of graphics adapter and graphics driver are you using? Are you using Nvidia in combination with the nouveau driver by any chance?

Maybe i did forgot to mention i’m running it on a vm.
Graphics adapter: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090ti
Driver: Nvidia Experience latest (546.33)

Never heard of nouveau and pretty sure im not using it

Perfect example of how to break KDE in future updates… this sort of extensive theming is often very fragile.

If you’re able to solve the problems that will arise when some part of it breaks all well and good :slight_smile:

i just tried to find some basic desktop effects. didnt changed anything else until now

Possibly the reason - I was suspecting that 3D may not be available - I don’t recall specifically but I think the effect is not available within a vm.

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It depends on your compositor. Which depends on your GPU capabilities.

OP is using the proprietary Nvidia driver. I think it rather depends on the settings and/or capabilities of the virtual machine monitor. virtualbox for instance requires guest add-ons for any kind of 3D functionality inside the virtual machine.

i’m using vmware pro

I think a VM isn’t a real GPU, so doesn’t really have the capabilities of one.So, I think those effects are hidden because the virtual GPU doesn’t have the capabilities that’s necessary for the effect.

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Well possibly.

However, an excellent game to follow and learn. I would definitely recommend you set up your snapshots and backups first…

Something else I discovered whilst using ‘konsave’ is that some of the theming stuff can get lost… when I tried to export one of my profiles, it generated 2GiB… and most of that was icons - icons which don’t show up in Plasma…

So get nicely familiar with the locations, add them to nicely labelled bookmarks in Dolphin (not places - that gets too crowded) and have fun.

It’s a good plan to export your colour schemes and other resources to a resource folder alongside your backups… I say this as I have tweaked a lot of colour schemes, and found custom icons… and then I have my own cursors which are no longer available in AUR, so I’m glad I kept them (not sure why the vanished…'.

In the end, you’ll be able to load up a vanilla desktop and have it themed easily.

I use the Lightly theme, so I’m not using Breeze… and I’d suggest you take a look at “Rounded SBE” Window Decorations which have some nice custom features (including different widget styles/colours).

There is also a way to save your own Global Theme too, and Konsave is a good way to save what you have now before applying new stuff.

I like Konsave, and hopefully on it’s next release the developer will make it even simpler to use (i.e. instead of having to List, then type the name of the profile as you saved it, you’ll be able to enter konsave -s and then choose an item to save, or type a fresh name).

pamac install konsave
konsave -s Comfort-Dark
konsave -l
cd ~/.config/konsave

Have fun :wink: and keep an eye on that folder for bloat.

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Just did a test with VMware Player. If you have enough RAM you can change your vm settings → display → enable 3D.

You can then make aladdin wobble.

embedded screenshots removed - point made - point taken


That comment wasn’t aimed at users like you :wink:

You are a hero. Thank you very much my friend.

Marked the topic solved with your answer.

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