Manjaro Log In Loop when I have auto-login enabled

Hey all!
Everything was working fine until I restarted my PC, after that, I was able to boot into Manjaro as usual, but I saw a log-in screen when I booted in. This is unusual because I have auto-login enabled. Then, when I try to enter my password, It pops up with some verbose stuff, then goes back to the login screen, turning into a login screen loop. I also tried to use ssh, and that worked fine, which is also unusual since before I turned on auto-login, I had to log in to my user before ssh was enabled.

The only thing that I can think of that might have caused this is the fact that I was messing around with VNC servers earlier today, namely TurboVNC and TigerVNC. When I was finished I uninstalled the packages and deleted their directories (~/.vnc, /etc/tigervnc, /usr/bin/xstartup.turbovnc).

Does anyone know how to fix these issues?
Thanks for any help in advance