Manjaro Localization L10N

here, I’m part of the team behind the localization of LinuxMint in Kabyle, and currently we are localizing Ubuntu, but many team members and other Kabyle people will want to use Manjaro in Kabyle, so I’d like to know if there is a possibility to launch the localization of Manjaro in Kabyle and if so, how to proceed.

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Hi there.
Just double-checking … you are referring to the region/language of Northern Algeria ?


For now some of our applications can be translated via transifex. So it depends which components you guys want to translate …

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Yes, kabyle is speaking. by kabyle People in north algeria.
Kabyle has iso code : kab and native name :, Taqbaylit.

Hello, i know that, but we would like localizing the Manjaro operating system ittself.
Even for transifex applications, there is no possibility to add kabyle, and yet in other applications we had done and it’s on transifex.