Manjaro Live Usb after start

I am relatively new to Linux and when I try to start Manjaro it seems to work at first, but after the starting process it stays black. I had that problem with Fedora as well and fixed it with launching in the troubleshooting mode. I use Etcher to burn the Usb. How do I fix this problem?

Hello and welcome,

You might want to check/try a couple of things:

  • disable secure boot in BIOS
  • disable fast boot
  • if you have an Nvidia GPU on that machine then try with Proprietary drivers but maybe you will succeed with the non proprietary drivers option …
  • while that black screen is displayed, can you access TTY by for example pressing Ctrl+Alt+F3 for example.
  • try an install using Architect.
  • see if you need to use custom kernel boot parameters
    How to Choose the Proper ACPI Kernel Argument

Thx for the fast response will try it when I am at home