Manjaro Live ISO with Lumina as Main DE

Hello Manjaro Team,

Would it be possible for you to release another live ISO image with Lumina as its main desktop environment?

For the lightweight DE’s, you currently offer LXQt and XFCE. Lumina is also lightweight and also based on Qt like LXQt. I have tried this in different distro with LXQt and after installing it and rebooting, I’m surprised by the result as it consumes less memory than LXQt on idle.

Hopefully, it’s neither impossible nor troublesome for you to make new live ISO with main DE as mentioned above.

Thank you.


Can’t speak for all, but from what i know, none of the Manjaro team members has the time to put together such ISO, test it and release it. Even Architect was put on hold for a while.

AUR has all the related packages for lumina-desktop hence you can install it from there starting with any other Manjaro installation, and follow their guideline.

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