Manjaro live boots on blank desktop

Please help, I tried to install manjaro on my laptop but it only boots with blank desktop with blue background and rat. I can run other apps like terminal but the installer won’t run. I’m sure it’s not the installer problem because it is working perfectly on my other laptop.

tried all things like disabling fast boot and changing bios settings one by one, still won’t work.

please help, thanks.

distro: stable xfce minimal
Laptop: Acer one 14
Cpu: CELERON N2940

Edit: It is solve, I am using an external monitor because I removed my laptop screen. What I am seeing is really an extended screen. So i just turned of the laptop screen from the settings.

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Not a rat but a mouse but it suggests a default xfce theme and that suggests it’s not an official Manjaro ISO or perhaps a severely broken desktop - perhaps not Manjaro at all.

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