Manjaro Linux problem with Philips Monitor USB Hub

Hi guys,

unfortunately I have a problem with Manjaro on my Setup. I hope Iḿ in the correct Sub Forum.

I have a Huawei Matebook D14 (with the Ryzen 3500u CPU ) and a Philips PHL346B1C Monitor.
The Monitor is connected to the Laptop with HDMI at 2560x1080 (stupid, I know. But the HDMI port on the Huawei Laptop does not support a higher resolution with more than 30fps) and USB C for charging (no vieo output through USB C on this Laptop…)

So long anything works just fine.
The only thing which annoys me is the USB Hub. On Windows, I had my mice and keyboard pluged into the USB Hub of the monitor. So when I come home, I only have to connect HDMI and USB C and everything is fine. On Linux the Hub does not work.

So, what can I do? Install DisplayLink drivers? I dont want to output the screen through USB C (my Laptop does not support it anyway). I just want to use the Hub. Or is this related with a driver issue I have no hope of getting solved?

As said, Manjaro with the 5.10.41-1 LTS Kernel

Okay, I`ve solved the issue.
I had to set the screen under the USB settings the KVM value from Auto to USB C. Dont know why, but it worked.

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