Manjaro Linux Network Ports

So I have been looking for a suitable Linux distro to replace my Windows machines since I have retired from software development recently. I feel Manjaro KDE version of Linux might be the distro of choice. However, I am still getting used to Linux and there is one thing that stops me from using Manjaro. I need to access it from some other computers using SSH and also VNC. I have not installed the firewall but yet when ever I try a connection using SSH or a connection via VNC I get a message like “the host refused the connection” Are the ports blocked like 22 for SSH and 5900 for VNC and if so how do I open them?

  1. Make sure sshd(ssh daemon) is active and listening to incoming connections on the computer you are trying to access.
    systemctl status sshd
    If its inactive:
    Start it using: systemctl start sshd
    To automatically start it on boot:
    systemctl enable sshd

  2. Also allow incoming connections in your firewall:
    Im using gufw(GUI for ufw):

  3. If the computer you are trying to acess is connected to a router:
    Change router settings and enable port forwarding.
    Router blocks incoming connections by default


Thanks that made ssh work and I found the VNC Server software does not work but I found a KDE app that does work so all is well.

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