Manjaro Linux installation completely disappeared

I had dual booted Manjaro with Windows on my laptop. Recently when I turned on my pc, it booted straight into windows. In order to resolve the issue, I checked other related topics here and tried to use a Live USB to restore my installation. When I tried to list the partitions on my laptop from the terminal, it only showed the ssd where I had windows installed and everything else along with the hard disk I had manjaro installed didn’t show up on gparted or when I used other relevant commands. Can anyone explain what happened and how I can fix this?

Maybe the disk with manjaro broke and is not working any longer?

First step would be to enter bios and see if it can recognize the disk. Probably not, and if it is so you can throw it in the trash.

I have to say that once i had a OCZ SSD that did not get detected in the OS but was detected in bios, but it was some kind of fairly common failure mode and i got a boot media image to flash a fix into the drive, and it started working.

You probably booted into a live USB. On the desktop of the live usb environment there is a shortcut to launch the Calamares installer and to create partitions and install Manjaro.

yeah that’s the issue, gotta get it fixed ig, thanks :wink:

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