Manjaro Linux GNOME crashes

Hello, I’m making this topic because I have a problem with the latest version of Manjaro Linux, indeed, it’s now been at least several times in a row that the system crashes and I can do absolutely nothing, the only thing left for me to do when this happens is purely and simply to press the forced reboot switch on the case of my tower and I know it’s not necessarily the best way to do but I have no other choice … So is this a bug that’s been happening since version 24 of Manjaro Linux or is it something else?

It’s something else. :smiley:

the root cause for this could be as much as hardware as software or a combination of both.
I’d advise you to check your RAM, the bios/uefi and the hard drive where you are installing the OS. Parted Magic is an amazing tool for these situation that can help you troubleshoot.
Regarding Manjaro’s image make sure you check its hashing, sometimes a bad download is our worst enemy. Also check the thumb drive, if you can use a spare even better.
Hope it helps! Let us know how it went :smiley: :+1:

So, for the moment, I’m knocking on wood, but I’ve switched from core 6.9 to core 5.10, and it seems to be working, at least for the moment.

As for downloading the ISO, I checked that everything was correct, and the ISO was indeed valid. The USB key was formatted correctly.

Linux is the definition of choice.

Search the forum for: REISUB

Correctly… So, a GPT partitioning scheme (required for UEFI)?

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Providing system info and relevant parts of your logs (correctly formatted) will help others help you.

Describing what the crash behavoir would help, eg does the screen freeze, do keyboard and mouse movements still work, is it a blackscreen, any error message etc?

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