Manjaro - Libreoffice creates only blank pdf

I have tried to export my .odt file into .pdf, but Libreoffice creates only blank sheets. This happens only with one of my files, the rest can be exported without any problems.

Do you have any idea what the cause is?


Hence, the answer is “your file is the cause” :slight_smile:

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Hello, not sure that would change anything, but can you try to export your odt file as a Microsoft Office format, then export it to pdf?

Try reinstall LibreOffice or install other version LO (fresh or still) I had same problem once (no matter what file or file format LO always created blank pdf) and it helped me.

I have never had such problems with exporting to pdf with Libreoffice.

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If the file is not sensitive, post a link to it, and perhaps others could try it in their LO installations.
I agree with @bogdancovaciu, export must be working if all other files are okay.

Take a document from which you know that the export to PDF is working and copy the text of the “broken PDF” document into that working document. Lets see if that exports to PDF.

Hi, here is the file:

I couldn’t post he link to the file, but here is a walkaround:

It exported to PDF okay. I guess the e-mail address is not real, but I redacted it anyway.
These are my PDF export settings, followed by the PDF in qpdfview.

Thank you for your answer. The document contained really personal data, so I changed it.
I have tried to do the export with your settings, but the result is the same. First and last pages are blank and the second looks like this:

So nothing has changed from the main problem. Do you think that a total uninstal of libre office and install will help? Do you know how to delete all file belonging to the libreoffice?

I experienced certain fonts not to work with the pdf function of LO. -> empty pdfs
e.g. with Cantarell.
I’m using Noto Sans for the purpose of pdfs.