Manjaro kernel + AMD kernel

Found in AUR : linux-amd and linux-amd-headers.
Since I have 5950X, I am very interested about the AMD Zen3 optimizations, obviously.
However in the past trying out custom kernels with manjaro comes with drawbacks.
They don’t show always up nicely in manjaro setting > kernels etc.

So is there a way to make out of this AUR amd kernel proper “Manjaro” kernel version? I mean what I have to do to get properly looking and feeling Manjaro kernel (full integration into mhwd-kernel and Manjaro settings > kernel parts) with Zen3 optimizations? And/or would it to be too much to ask for Manjaro team to provide them semi-officially in addition to real-time and other spinoff kernels?

and/or is there some small guide somewhere that helps one:

  1. pull Manjaro kernel from Manjaro git
  2. patch the kernel with user wishlist flags/settings/options/patches.
  3. compile and/install it.
  4. possibly give it custom name, so it doesn’t automatically get overwritten every time automatically by update?
  5. use it like self-made “official” kernel?
    *. some additional guide how to update it from git while keeping my own custom stuff intact.

You could build the kernel yourself (taking the current manjaro kernel as the basis) and include this kernel patch (and set CONFIG_MZEN3=y):