Manjaro KDE Wallpaper Flickers Black Whenever I Switch HDMI Display on Sceptre TV

I use an Intel NUC i5 10th Generation as I have an issue with the Crunchyroll wallpaper I set up. After a while on my Sceptre TV when I switch from one input, which is my Fire TV stick, to this one, the wallpaper flickers with a black screen until I either change it or shut down the computer. What should I do to prevent this from happening? I am using X11 by the way and I am not going to use Wayland.

Update: I changed the Kernel from 5.15 to 5.10 as the most stable Kernel. Apparently, I think that the new LTS kernel will need to take its time with its improvements until it is compatible with most hardware. I gave itself time after changing the kernel and switching the HDMI inputs. Then when I came back and switched to desktop, it’s okay for now. I don’t know how it will all go, but hopefully, it will be fine with 5.10 until 5.15 is stable and flexible enough with most hardware.

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Update: It changed the wallpaper to black right after I switched to the Amazon Fire TV stick input for a while, even if I use Linux Kernel 5.10. Bummer. I switched the wallpapers around to where it is not black. How can I prevent something like this from happening?

Update: I managed the file directories to see if that was a solution. So far, it only flicked black for once and then shows the wallpaper after switching hdmi inputs, which is okay so far.

Update: I am still figuring out how to prevent a black wallpaper to occur in the Manjaro KDE case if I have to switch HDMI inputs or turn off the TV. Any solutions?