Manjaro KDE Plasma, the system is very slow

htop check is the very least that can be shown for proper diagnosys. Otherwise, it would be just another crystal ball analysis.

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The strange thing is that Manjaro KDE, Fedora KDE, Solus KDE seems to be very slow (freezing at times) unusable for me. (live session or fresh install)

I have tried KDE Neon & Kubuntu & these distros works absolutely fine. So what’s different between these distros that one works fine the other is very slow ???

What if it’s an NVIDIA driver issue? I had issues in the past where my GPU would use the nouveau drivers instead of the proprietary ones and KDE would chug. It could also be that the proprietary drivers are mis-configured.

That is possible. Personally I don’t have any experience with nouveau, but from what I’ve read, it appears quite crippled in comparison to the GPL’d AMD and Intel drivers.

Can you tell us what graphics driver you are using? Is it NVIDIA or is noveau?

As you 've been told already here,

you should post the output of this command

inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width

So go ahead and post the contents using the </> button.

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I am using NVIDIA drivers, I have tried both proprietary and open source drivers but no difference.

I have changed my bios to default and now the live session is working fine. The fresh install is still very slow & non responsive at times.

Wow… This did the magic for me. My lenovo laptop ideapad 330 was sluggish like a snail with the new install of KDE version of Manjaro 21.0.7. I selected XRender… Now, having a great experience… Thanks a lot… :slight_smile:


It seems to be the KDE version is getting a little bit slower in the past few cycles.

Currently the KDE desktop response time feels a little bit slower than the other DE enviroments.

Please do not judge me but on my notebook I ditched the Manjaro OS(Core i5 11th gen | NVME Samsung 980 M.2 500 GB SSD | 16GB ram) to Fedora.

On my i5 desktop pc I am still using manjaro.

Intel 6th Gen + 16GB ram + dual boot (win10)

In the desktop pc the manjaro feels more responsive but on the notebook the system was not so responsive according to my experience.

I can not tell the reason but I had an odd feeling when I was using it.

I do not think so the hardware should be the only reason in this situation.