Manjaro KDE Plasma Customization

Hi All,

I have install Manjaro KDE plasma and I need to know how to customize on the below

  1. To add RAM, CPU usage widget to desktop as per the below screenshot .
    I already installed the Latte dock but need a panel on the left as per the screenshot

  1. How to customize the login screen, the music play option in login ?
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  1. The widget is called Simple System Monitor.

@Takei , thanks for the info …does the system monitor dashboard is available by default on KDE or should I need to download it ?

I’m not really sure anymore. If it is not on your system you can easily download it via the get new widgets menu.

@Takei no, the widget is Simple System Monitor :wink:

Oh yeah you’re correct. Seem to have miss-remembered it. Used it before, but switched to using conky quite a while back :smiley:
Will correct in original post

  1. Widget was answered. The panel to the left looks to me like a typical KDE panel placed to the left, centered and with a different icon that you can select from a pool of existing icons -or your own- you can do all that stuff already :slight_smile: .
  2. The login screen is the display manager which in KDE is SDDM, you can read more here:

@tuxmanjarino --how to setup the panel on the left … i am new here not sure how to setup

Press Alt+D,E then icon should appear on the panel ← here :smiley:

It is also available in the AUR, however it shows the old Manjaro logo. If you prefer, I have forked it and updated the logo:

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Please dont advertise your blog/videos/whatever here.
Also … you are using the older, uglier, retired manjaro icon that hasnt been current for years.
It even clashes with your chosen wallpaper.

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I installed the plasmoid, but i can’t find it with “add new widget”.
Under what name is it hidden? Or, where the heck is it at all?

I did it with:

$ git clone
$ cd plasma-simpleMonitor
$ makepkg -si

Then right click on your desktop > Add Widgets and it should be there, sorted under S (or you could begin typing simple in the search bar).

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FIrst i had to remove that “normal” System Monitor, then your (older) version i previously installed from AUR and then “mkdir build, cd build etc. and sudo make install” did the trick.

Grazie mille, Marco!

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Borrowed your screenshot to make a wallpaper.

Posted it on Manjaro discord > off topic if you wanted to look at it. I guess they won’t let me post pictures on this site.