Manjaro KDE Plasma 20 is One of the Best Operating System in World!

I would like to really appreciate all the developers who have built this Wonderful Operating System which has won my heart. I am new user switched from Windows 10. Speed and Performance are the spectacular feature of the OS.

Developers keep up the all your creativity in treasure box …:slight_smile: :heart_eyes:


And is should be noted this: Is a system full of applications and settings very until for the user and that’s this reason than choice and use everyday.

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i am also new to this os
i made a ui customisation for kde
if you find it useful kindly share it
if you are free try it and make your mac friends feel" awwww"


@Kartik07: I tried Manjaro Gnome and Manjaro Kde, and for me, Manjaro Kde is better. That’s why I switched to Manjaro KDE. I also like Cinnamon desktop, and I use it as second desktop (Manjaro Cinnamon). So, for me, KDE and Cinnamon are the best of the world as Linux desktops.

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Yeah, i love manjaro kde…


With a post title like that you’ll be having all of the KDE FanBoys & FanGirls pointing their noses! :wink: And, of course, I’m not one to disagree with you at the end of the day. :+1:


Hello everyone

I love Manjaro specially KDE. After many moths and a lot distro hopping i finally found Manjaro and it is love sense first day.
Big THANKS to ALL that contribute to this perfect OS !

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I switched from win10 to macos because of HDPI support in Macos.
Then switched to Ubuntu for an open os.
Then switched to Manjaro KDE because the UI design feels better as what i felt when I first switched from win10 to macos.

Then I stayed in manjaro KDE because so many things in Manjaro KDE are better.

  • Hdpi support and the ui under HDPI in Manjaro are better compared with ubuntu. Under 5k 200% scale, the icon, title bar, font size are mostly proportional to each other.
  • UI customization.
  • The Pacman package manager with arch’s resource is terrific.
  • the option to switch on a newer kernel and off
  • Everything is so snappily fast in Manjaro, the apps, the dolphin, the system,
  • Small things such as
    • transparent stick notes,
    • Clipboard sticker
    • drag text to the desktop to create a stick note,
    • auto color change of the trash bin.
    • the BIG digital clock in the panel, and numbers the calendar. When I was at Win 10 and macOS the clock so small, checking time frequently is so tiring. In Ubuntu, the numbers in the calendar are proportionally small while the panel of the calendar is the opposite.
    • and many more
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I also really like Manjaro KDE. :sunglasses: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yes i agree, i left Windows 10 two months ago and i don’t need Windows anymore, because Manjaro exist. My friend without any technical skills successfully switched to Manjaro KDE Plasma Linux and she is seriously happy.

  • Faster boot
  • Smoother working on laptop
  • Better gaming experience - more fps and better stability
  • Lower heat from hardware
  • Longer battery life

Next users will come into the Linux world, because Microsoft currently haven’t big income from Windows 10. Microsoft push sources into the cloud and servers. Windows 10 is worser and worser and days when people need gaming computers only for run Windows smoothly, is near.

Manjaro team keep going, you’re amazing. Thank you so much!

I have been using Cinnamon on Manjaro for years and came back to KDE recently to test it out. So far I’m enjoying it. My first DE was KDE in the late 90’s with Mandrake Linux. I stopped using it around 2010 or so because it was a little buggy and crashed a ton, but recently its improved a bunch.


Exactly, it is a great OS indeed. To get longer battery life, I am using TLP with auto-cpufreq. Is there any other recommendation?