Manjaro KDE opens apps on the wrong display (not the current selected display)

Hi everyone,

I am absolutely loving manjaro at the moment. The only issue I have not been able to fix has been where new windows open. My current setup consists of my secondary monitor on the left and my primary monitor on the right. I had issues with the monitor defaulting to the wrong location after toggling the display setting to single screen and back to dual. I used autorandr with keybinds to get around this issue.

However, I can not seem to fix applications opening on the secondary monitor (left monitor) when I want the application to open on the current selected monitor. For example if I am working on the primary monitor (right) and I open dolphin it opens on the left monitor instead of the right one. I hope this makes sense, it has been a real frustration for me.

Edit: I’ve spent some time researching and am still quite stuck :frowning:

Could it be that in fact your screen in the left is you primary display in plasma settings?

I wish! I have the screen on the right set as primary and used autorandr to save profiles as well!

I have the same problem. Reset the primary several times. I figure it will get fixed at some point.

It’s a bummer haha! maybe KDE just does not like multiple monitors! I thought it was krohnkite for a minute, but after reinstalling the issue still persists!