Manjaro KDE on System 76 Darter Pro with Coreboot

First time Manjaro user here, I am working on getting KDE installed on the System 76 Darter Pro with Coreboot. Coreboot does not really like other distros than Pop O/S but I am going to try again. It also really wants a 5.8 or better Kernel to work. Anyone using a System 76 laptop with Coreboot for Manjaro, I would love to read your adventures.

What do you mean?

Use a recent Manjaro ISO with 5.10 LTS or 5.13.

FYI, there are System76 driver and software packages in the AUR (Arch User Repository).

Thank you. I am just getting it set up, and just installed 5.10. I am going to play with it for a while.

KDE is not my cup of tea, and Cinnamon has some weird issues being laggy, so I am going to now try XFCE.

Back again, and I will keep trying CInnamon, it is what I am used to using. How do I enable Flatpak support? I know it is something simple.

For Flatpak integration in Add/Remove Software, install libpamac-flatpak-plugin. Also see Flatpak - Manjaro

I am assuming that I do that in Terminal with the “sudo” command? I will give that a shot, thank you. Off to my MRI on my knee so it will be later.

You can install it like any other package from Add/Remove Software or from the terminal. Do not use sudo with pamac:

pamac install libpamac-flatpak-plugin


sudo pacman -S libpamac-flatpak-plugin
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Thank you so much, I now know I have a great deal to learn about Manjaro (Arch) since the syntax is different from that of Mint (Debian) which I am used to. The look and feel of the Manjaro Cinnamon is magnificent, and I am very impressed. I look forward to learning and improving my skills. Since I am going to retire in May of next year, I need a project to keep me busy…

pamac commands are similar to apt. see man pamac or pamac --help. Each action has it’s own help info as well; i.e., pamac install --help.

You can compare apt commands with pacman commands here: pacman/Rosetta - ArchWiki

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