Manjaro KDE Minimal Edition missing Fonts

I recently installed the minimal KDE edition and noticed that some websites look odd.
Including google(dot)com and github(dot)com

In the following you can see two screenshots, comparing the live boot of the normal (full) and minimal image.
As you can see from the Firefox inspector, the fonts are rendered with a different width. It is hardly noticable with a small font size, but enough for it to look out of place.
The distortion gets more extreme with large bold text.
(I am not allowed to post images?)

Minimal: manjaro-kde-21.0.7-minimal-210614-linux510.iso (SHA1: 274f7ae290e317678327f841e5c0f82bfdd7fcf4)
Normal: manjaro-kde-21.0.7-210614-linux510.iso (SHA1: 43f0f573d6c5d089cd280b622f228d1ea2933cf8)

I ruled out anti-aliasing and video drivers.
After comparing the iso-profiles at gitlab(dot)manjaro(dot)org/profiles-and-settings/iso-profiles/-/blob/master/manjaro/kde/Packages-Desktop I noticed that if I install the package ttf-liberation the font renders correctly.

I suggest that you include ttf-liberation in the minimal image.
Thank you for making Manjaro.

the idea of minimal is you install what you want.

minimal only needs enough to work, it’s up to you to fine tune it to your liking that means your preferred apps & fonts.

it’s a diy custom install.

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If you start adding this or that into the minimal ISO, it’ll start to not become minimal at all.

It has the minimum packages to work. It’s not meant to fulfill all the use cases. There is a full iso for that.

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I encourage you to boot the minimal ISO and visit some sites you are familiar with. You will notice the distortion.

I believe it is a “minimum” requirement that the browser works as expected. It took me some time to figure out what the problem was.

I installed Arch and Manjaro from CLI some weeks ago on a spare partition for fun.

I followed the tutorial on Manjaro forum and the dedicated post on Arch wiki.

You can add the packages you wish during install, but the recommanded list is very scarce. Base packages, a network manager, an editor…
There’s not even a Desktop Environment. It’s only at reboot that I chose to pick the base packages for Gnome from tty.

When logged in, I had a basic Gnome, without even a browser, Gnome control center or Gnome tweaks installed.

But I had my WiFi, a basic but working system and a terminal to install other packages.

I’ve never tried Gnome minimal iso but I bet it’s coming more equipped than my base systems. And yet, they were working, even without anything.

An installed system with a browser and fonts already there is convenient, sure. But it’s not a necessary requirement for a minimal iso in my opinion.

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i’m with him, when i do minimal it’s from cli up, i like to select what i want.

  1. did the site work ?
  2. could you read it ?
  3. sites have an option to select there own fonts in firefox, if you have that checked(default), they also often use google font’s which are downloaded & cached.

now you understand what minimal is, i don’t see this as a issue.