Manjaro kde likes 16Gb of ram a lot more than 8Gb

Anyone else notice this? 8Gb of ram just wasn’t enough if I wanted to have 5 or 6 youtube videos open. It also became kind of laggy when I’d play a modern video game. So I put in another 8Gb, and man the system just runs so much better. Everything seems to work faster now. The windows don’t even stutter when you’re minimizing them anymore. Lots of little things like that have changed.

So I’d definitely recommend 16Gb for a better experience. It doesn’t really matter that manjaro uses less ram than W10 when your applications use up all the ram anyway. So I’m sure this is the same for every distro but man, I wasn’t expecting this much of an improvement!

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Please don’t move the thread to the #support:manjaro-hardware category. Said category is for discussions regarding hardware that comes pre-installed with Manjaro. :wink:

Browsers tend to swallow lots of RAM. Has nothing to do with KDE.
Throw in a video game aswell and depending on which game it is, your RAM is gone for sure.

Plasma itself, does not need lots of RAM to function properly. I run it on machines with <4GB all the time without issues.

Amount of RAM needed, depends entirely on your workflow.


Try swapping, it could ease your slowness feel.

Never had a swap file since the initial installation, which I’m sure was part of my problem. Now that I’ve got 16Gb though I’ll probably just leave it off. Haven’t checked up yet on how it affects ssd lifespan.


As for kde: Yeah but I figured it best to mention the DE I was using. I read a lot of linux boards and forums and there seems to be this… desire for distros and de’s to use as little ram as possible. I think these people are trying to run the new hotness on old junk lol

I have never had a machine with more than 8gigs.
I have run KDE on a machine with 4 quite happily.
So … my guess is something is wrong.

Well … that would probably do it. Especially if you pushed your system to the wall.

Weird. When I’m running 6 different tabs with 6 different movies in Youtube, my RAM stays under 3 GB in firefox :thinking:

Must have done something wrong here.

Also KDE and 8 GB.

dun dun dun …

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Might’ve had more tabs than that open when it kept slowing to a crawl. I was at 6.65Gb of 7… whatever the actual number is. Youtube will suck down all your ram if you open enough videos and hit the play button. I don’t think you see as much usage if you don’t actually start the video. When I borked my install a month ago, I had a few youtube videos open and was running a game and had a couple other programs open as well.