Manjaro kde, icons disappearing from taskbar

I put my favorite apps icons to Taskbar. But after reboot some od the icons are no longer usable. It’s not pointing to anything. Does anyone knows, why it might happen like that?

Please be more specific:

  • Which icons,
  • Where is the desktop file located
  • Where is the binary located

Please dig deeper and give as much information as you have, because the Manjaro telepathy module is still under heavy development by the Manjaro team and therefore our ability to link our brains directly to your computer is severely limited for the moment.

:wink: :grin:

Also I’d add that pinning apps there is over-rated… especially with the new menu (i.e. when you hit your Meta key, the menu opens with up to 16 favourites for each activity… that would be 32 favourites for two activities. It’s just a much tidier way of doing it :wink:

Also check out uLauncher - it’s fullscreen, and the first tab is for favourites so you can have 7X5=35 favourites on display (more than that you have to scroll).

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