Manjaro KDE Finds My Network HP 4250 Printer but Returns "Printer Unavailable" Error. "Basic" Distros Work Fine

I’ve just climbed out of the kindergarten of Mint and Zorin into the great experience of Manjaro. I am in love except for one thing, which is printing to my network printer attached to my wife’s Mac.

The Mint and Zorin systems both found it and printed to it right out of the box. Manjaro sees it when I add a printer. It recommends a generic driver. I try it and it won’t work. I tried going to and installing the specific printer from the list, ot help. I tried hplip, hpoj and foo2zjs-nightly on a recommendations from the Manjaro group on Reddit and it has not worked.

Looking for help! I need my printer and don’t want to bail on Manjaro over it!

You might try this site Printing - Manjaro