Manjaro kde desktop apps displayed off screen

Wanted to be directed to the right place to report a bug where title bars that are not kde based (gnome files, whatsapp-for-linux, vlc) can be dragged below the taskbar, making the window un-accessible. but not sure of the actual name of the desktop app on Log in to KDE Bugtracking System

I also plug in another monitor regularly and some windows are then displayed way off the screen with no way to drag them back on the screen as the title bar would be above the viewable area.

Would appreciate your help in getting this bug reported

You can work around that by forcing GTK apps to have a title bar provided by the window manager instead of by the application itself. Just iInstall gtk3-nocsd from the AUR, log out, and log back in. :arrow_down:

pamac build gtk3-nocsd

You can always move the window by pressing and holding the Meta key ─ i.e. the left “Windows” key ─ and then left-clicking any part of the application window.

Likewise, you can also resize an application window by holding the Meta and right-clicking any border or corner of the application window.


Thank you, have installed the app, though this is more of a hack as it does not cover applications like telegram which now does not have a taskbar.

and gnome apps that have controls in the title bar are no longer available


On moving the window, am pretty sure, that will not work from the attached screen shot. but right clicking the task bar and selecting move.