Manjaro KDE - Deleted system wallpapers by mistake

Iv delete /usr/share/wallpapers/ is there anyway to restore it to its original.

Hello @Dataman :wink:

I changed the title to be more accurate :slight_smile:

Just search the database with the called directory:

pamac search --files /usr/share/wallpapers/

and it should show which package contains it. Then just install it again:

pamac install my-package
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Iv deleted every package it dont show anything thing in wallpapers directory.

What’s your DE? If you are on KDE ok you’ve edited title & tag.

reinstall the packages

sudo pacman -Syu breeze plasma-workspace-wallpapers plasma5-themes-breath2 --overwrite "/usr/share/wallpapers/*"


The command:

pamac search --files /usr/share/wallpapers/

Does search the package database and not the directory.

@tuxmanjarino made good list of the packages to install on KDE :wink:

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