Manjaro KDE 20.2 and Windows 10 dualboot - ext 4 error

Hi everyone, I recently installed a fresh copy of windows 10 and after manjaro KDE 20.2 in uefi. The problem I have, after I boot in windows 10, next time I boot back to manjaro system crashes and I need to boot on a live USB and us fsck to fix the errors for the ext4 partitions I have on the same drive with windows.

Anyone knows why this may may be the case? I have dual booted before mint xfce and windows 10 and it worked really well but it was in legacy bios. I would say this shouldn’t be the problem. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Make sure to always shutdown Windoze properly, stop any hibernate features such as Fastboot.

You can achieve this also by entering the following command in Windoze:

powercfg /h off
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