Manjaro Iso version downgraded

I recently downloaded the manjaro kde iso from and I got the manjaro-kde-21.2pre1-minimal-211119-linux515.iso which was the prelaunch version of manjaro Qonos.
Today I was downloading the manjaro iso again but I found that the iso was downgraded to the previous version manjaro-kde-21.1.6-minimal-211017-linux513.iso ? Why was it downgraded ? Please clarify. Sorry for anything I might have said incorrectly.


Links to the newest versions are available here:

Usually the development versions is not listed on the main web page.

An issue has been open on because the download link pointed to a non-existing iso.

My guess is that an error has pushed the development build to the webpage - and this has now been rectifed.


Thanks for clarifying :slightly_smiling_face:

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