Manjaro ISO Problem

when i download manjaro on and check its checksum match i burn it using balena etcher on my usb flash drive but when i boot it it says gnome desktop not found

Which ISO?
Any options to etcher?
(slightly aside … I dont much like etcher or rufus. For a classical write ISO to USB there are better alternatives like mintstick, imagewriter, and good 'ol dd … though I prefer ventoy overall - much easier/faster to use ISO’s, and doesnt take up all the space … easy recovery usb… etc.)

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okay i try that know…

Can you verify where you got the ISO? Show us the link?

this link: Manjaro Downloads

Just making sure. Theres things floating out there like these:
Manjaro Installation Media – Manjaro Linux – Enjoy the simplicity
Manjaro Linux - enjoy the simplicity
(though it appears that they point at nonexistent files now…)

The very reason so-called hotlinking of files has been discouraged for more years than I care to remember.

There is only one link (for general consumption):

Don’t use random links from the interweb

Use Manjaro Linux Web Download page.

Manjaro Linux has repo package with a script and a simple GUI to download and verify a Manjaro ISO.

sudo pacman -Syu manjaro-iso-downloader

Another option is to use the script from this topic on [root tip] [Utility Script] Using python to download and verify a Manjaro ISO

The most versatile method to boot the ISO is to use ventoy - also in the Manjaro Repo.

Ventoy is a tool to boot an USB stick (with a selection of ISO files) then select which ISO to load.

sudo pacman -Syu ventoy

The ISO can also be written to a USB stick - ensure you use the a method compatible with dd utility.

Due to the way the ISO is assembled and booted - utilities which unpacks the ISO and writes the content to the USB will not work.

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The download page does not show all available ISOs (or the package list)
Minimal ISOs with older kernels 6.1 and 5.15 are available in forum release announcement – Manjaro 23.0 Uranos released

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