Manjaro ISO not compatible with ISO/File copy mode with Rufus

Using Rufus, when trying to create the installation USB a message appears indicating the ISO is not compatible with ISO/File copy mode and that DD image writing mode will be enforced. This changes the partition scheme to GPT and the Target system to UEFI (non CSM).

I created a screenshot of what Rufus looks like together with the warning message which is displayed, but get a warning when I try to upload it.

My OS is Windows 8.1 Home which I want to keep, but not with a dual boot. Instead I intend to buy a Windows 11 machine, wipe the OS and replace it with Manjaro.

But will the GPT partition table create a bootable USB?

Give ventoy a try. The current ventoy has a GUI as well. You won’t be sorry.

That is correct and the only way to do it using Rufus.

Ventoy is even better as you don’t have to reformat your stick afterwards.


OK, thanks guys. But I think I’ll stick to Rufus. I tried Ventoy, but mistakenly downloaded the DVD file and only discovered what it was after opening Windows File Explorer. Ejecting it seems to be the only way to remove it, but it also removed the HD label which had been assigned to the volume I’d shrunk when I first bought the machine.

Anyway, the next problem I have is that the checksum doesn’t match the downloaded file. I downloaded it a second time, but it didn’t change. The SHA1 checksum is:
while the downloaded file is:

Any advice on that aspect?

I used Nirsoft’s “HashMyFiles.exe” to get both: Link