Manjaro is great! Is there a simple way to switch theme colors?

Recently i switched to linux ive tried multiple distros in this order > Manjaro, Zorin, Ubuntu, Debian, Pop, Elementary, Deepin, Mint.

after all that i came back to manjaro as it was the best suit for me, i fell in love in an instant
intuitive and beautiful + based on arch and great support.

Only thing that i’m missing here is easy edition of colours in themes in a simple way to switch from grey and green to grey and blue or orange.

Except for that i love the system and hope u will keep the support for it as i cant imagine using anything else at this point.


For what desktop environment?

For plasma and xfce as I use both I know about appearance option on xfce and themes in plasma but I meant some way to choose the colours yourself. Like if I wished I could go for candy pink and lime green just because without downloading themes made by someone else or maybe build in theme editor something like that

I understand it might be hard to implement as they would have to find a way to give user ability to change textures in some easy way but that’s my little hope it might happen someday

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There is no one click solution besides pre-made themes. If you modify a theme colors then most likely everything else will not match. Theming is not simple. In KDE it is all under the Appearance menu, themes, colors, and so on. You can edit current color theme and save it as another modified version.

Yea I know and I expected it might be hard or even impossible but I’ve seen it in zorin I think where you chose colour and icons logos and everything just changed itself.

It would probably need to work like adding colour after the texture itself (multiply? In Photoshop) something like that.

As I said earlier I doubt they will implement it but I’d love to see it.

It’s very easy.
Firstly, to JUST change the colour scheme is a bit messy - you need to update the configuration really.

For individual apps (let’s do add/remove programs, launch ‘add’ in the menu, or ‘pamac-manager %U’ in the terminal.

You can choose a theme for it each time by using 'GTK_THEME=Breath pamac-manager %U`

But for overall desktop, there’s more to think about.
There’s your Plasma theme (Qt)
There’s the GTK ‘Application Style’ - which gets used by Firefox and Chromium browsers.
There’s the terminal and the profile and theme and colour scheme for that… Lots of stuff.
Toolbars in Dolphin…

For all this stuff, there’s a Plasma widget called ‘PlasmaConfigSaver’.

So you can foollow a long Youtube video and set up a nice Nordic theme, then next week a nice Orchis theme - maybe one light, then one dark.

Before you start, save your DEFAULT using Plasmaconfigsaver.
Then do your thing and save your ‘Orchis’ theme, then do the light version and save ‘Orchis Light’.

Any time you tweak anything (e.g. change Terminal colours) you need to delete that profile and save it freshly.

To get it, right click desktop +Widgets then ‘get new widgets’ and search ‘plasma custom’ (because the name there doesn’t match the name of the widget… crazy).

I exported one here - not sure how well it will import but you can try:

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