Manjaro is crashing often after some 30mins

So I installed manjaro some 1 month ago and i am pretty new to linux. and i see that my system freezes after some 30 mins after i boot my system

What happens is everything freezes and i have to hard reset my system.

Hi @deleciousAir ,

Welcome to the forum, I suggest you to read the installation guide first. It is available in the live session on the desktop.
You can also read the Wiki Manjaro in order to install it.
Installation Guides - Manjaro

Hope this help, regards.

But, I have manjaro installed on my system already

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Next time it freezes, I suggest to reboot and post your system journal log to see what happened. Since it is generally long, best may be to use pastbin.

The link in the post from @omano above should give enough instructions on how to post this information and other various system infos.

Edit: for example

journalctl -b -0 > ~/journal.txt && pastebinit -i ~/journal.txt -b

Or with system info

lspci > log.txt && lsusb >> log.txt && journalctl -b -0 >> log.txt && pastebinit -i log.txt -b

Hi @deleciousAir , I apologize for missunderstood your problem.
Can you put the output of the following terminal command and the others suggested by @zircon34 ?:
inxi -Fazy