Manjaro is best!

This topic NOT spam!
in this topic i want to show pros and cons of manjaro and why users most use manjaro
Pros :
stable = manjaro is very stable because manjaro have better testing repo and packages
rolling = manjaro not like bleeding edge but is rolling
manjaro settings manager = you can change kernel and other settings with one cilick !
best looking by default
Cons :
Some times applications conflict with desktop.for example now gnome weather is 40 but gnome shell is 3.38 and gnome weather not working in top bar.

… … …

manjaro is best ! and this is my desktop.

i happy if you share your opinion of manjaro


Hi, I love Manjaro too. It is the best distribution/solution for my computer. Here is my desktop (By the way, it’s a coincidence that we use the same background image):


Can I join in the party? Here’s mine:


I enjoy Xfce :slight_smile:


Like it. Looks really good!

Manjaro default wallpapers is super wonderful !



I agreed with you, @bittin !

Yes manjaro is wonderful but i still expect more hardware and software support to linux world. Today i left using atom editor and looked around for alternative then i chose vscodium but after all i noticed microsoft keeps monopolizing on everywhere like adobe has stopped developing brackets, atom editor has bad developing statue and sublime text is not even open source

I can’t believe my local IT shop only charged me $299 for my Manjaro DVD installer - what a bargain!! :grin:

I used manjaro gnome,xfce and kde and this 3 desktop is very good in manjaro and i thing manjaro is best kde plasma distro,best xfce distro and best gnome distro (so is best linux distro !)

Does anyone know if Manjaro collects any data about their users? I know that some distributions do so, for example, Ubuntu or Zorin.

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The above is the privacy policy for using the website etc.

I think @peiner85 was referring to the operating system itself.


This is linux
and manjaro do not collects any data about user.

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Hi all :slight_smile:

Here is mine “rice”… heheheh :smiley:

how can i get that conky thing you have?

No one said it was and neither was your previous post. It’s just not the right place for it.