Manjaro Installer Module can't load with new SSD

So… I got a new M.2 SSD. Went from Sata, I think? to NVMe. Now, all of a sudden, the manjaro installer can’t find partition info. I can see everything just fine from a Manjaro partition I had prior (gone) and from EndeavourOS Installer, but the Manjaro KDE installer seems like it can’t read Disks now, so I cannot reinstall. For some context, here’s what I have for disks and partitions:
/dev/nvme0n1p1: 345.58 GB unallocated, 585GB of a previous /Home
/dev/sda: Multiple windows partitions
/dev/sdb: ntfs windows storage partition
I figured a possible issue was my cloned /Home, but I deleted my original Manjaro install entirely so that’s unlikely. I can only imagine something’s wrong with this SSD I put inside my computer, both a Rufus USB and Ventoy USB used to work and now do not.

Can you clean up your post?

There apepars to be cross-wiring of questions and observations.

What do you mean “Rufus and Ventoy used to work, but now do not”? They boot from a USB stick and allow you to boot into an ISO; either to use as a live session or begin an installer for a Linux distro. This is separate from an NVMe drive not being detected by Manjaro’s installer, Calamares. (Two different issues.)

You’ve had distros previously installed to this NVMe? At first I read that this M.2 drive was “new”, but it sounds like you’ve already been using it, as is shown by 585GB already existing on it.

Or do you mean to say you used a tool like Clonezilla to “drop in” your home data from a different drive to this new NVMe drive?

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